The Woman in Red

She seated herself on the couch as I started to strip to a melody. I slowly pulled my dress down while she watched me, I twirled and touched her at times. In no time, she pulled me by the waist and made me sit on her thighs.

Prostitution Attractive Option for Teenage Girls and Single Mums

A significant growing number of women in England are left with no option but to take up sex work to meet their daily expenses, including the high cost of living in England. They are increasingly forced into prostitution because the government isn’t paying them enough money to cover food and rent costs. Conditions inside London the capital of Great Britain is daunting as 18-19 year old teenage girls, and single mothers are becoming stressed over […]

All These Married Guys

“You’re home early,” Marcus commented as Sophia one of the sexiest Swedish escorts in London shut the bedroom door upon entrance. Dark brown hair fell out of a simple up-do when she pulled on the clip that held it, running her hand through her lightly waved hair

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Would you sell your vagina for anything less?” Cassandra asked, a hint of amusement in her tone. Her features twisted a second later, her hand flying up to her mouth and her hips arching off of the chair.