All These Married Guys

“You’re home early,” Marcus commented as Sophia one of the sexiest Swedish escorts in London shut the bedroom door upon entrance. Dark brown hair fell out of a simple up-do when she pulled on the clip that held it, running her hand through her lightly waved hair as she moved to toss said clip down on the dresser. Her husband watched as she moved, and she knew he was studying her. He never had any objections to her job; she made good money, and she never let her physical exertion with others affect her performance with him. She always came back home, and she told him repeatedly to seek physical pleasures elsewhere if he wanted to. He even loved to hear about her nights.

“Guy got a call from his wife and he had to go home early,” Sophia said with a hint of disappointment. “That seems to be happening a lot lately. All these married guys, and suddenly nights are getting cut short because they forgot to call, or something equally ridiculous.”

“How’d it go otherwise?” Marcus asked, relaxing on his side of the Queen bed.

“Average,” Sophia said with a shrug as she pulled the straps of her dress down her shoulders. “He was…demanding, I guess. It didn’t bother me much, but he was determined to do Face Sitting, even when I told him it was extra.” Shrugging the dress off, she hung it up in the closet. “He was nice, at least. He took me to this real nice restaurant downtown. Had his hands all over me the minute we got into some town car he had rented. Hand up my dress, touching my breasts by ‘accident,’ all kinds of stuff.”

“Sounds like a typical male in London,” Marcus said with a laugh. “How old was he?”

“About fifty.”

That just made Marcus laugh even harder.

Sophia didn’t bother with clothes, just slipped under the blanket and settled on her side, facing Marcus. “A lot of men want to try anal play lately,” she said slowly. “Including this one. He asked me to think about it for next time. Showed me pictures of toys he would want to use…I don’t know how I feel about it.”

Marcus looked over at Sophia, quiet for a moment. “We could try it together first,” he offered finally. “If it’s something you want to do. You’d probably make a ton more money.” Sophia smiled, reaching out to take his hand and squeeze.

“I’d like that,” she said softly. “And then I want to tell you all about my first try with someone else. I think Alexis would be pleased if I decide I’m comfortable enough with it.”

“I’ll listen to every word about every encounter you have.”