The Woman in Red

Red has always been my favourite among other shades. Be it my brassiere, lipstick shade or wine. I prefer reus hotels with strangers from abroad where my ultimate motive was to satisfy my clients and earn the maximum out of it.

You must be wondering why am I talking about colours irrelevant. Let me tell you, the colour played a significant role in the story I am about to narrate.

It was maybe around mid July, when my manager fixed an appointment with a tourist who was travelling from the States. It wasn’t the first time I would be offering my services to tourists. I have often spent nights in luxurious hotels.

It was a Friday evening and I was supposed to check into room number 104 at The Vagabond’s Inn. I adjusted my dress, pulling the lining of my dress further down to reveal the smoothness of my chest and the deep cleavage. I waited for the door to be answered. What followed next, caught me off-guard.

It was not what I was expecting. A woman in her thirties answered the door. She was tall and voluptuous and had a cherry red dress on. She had long legs and huge ‘assets’, if that’s what I should call them politely. I was confused if I was at the wrong location but she assured me that she was the one who hired me. And finally, things were clear to me. It was the first time I had an appointment with someone of the same sex and I was intimidated. I even considered changing my mind but I recalled the handsome amount that was transferred to my account and I didn’t want to lose it. I followed her inside.

She smiled at me and poured me a glass of wine, similar in colour to her dress. She seated herself on the couch as I started to strip to a melody. I slowly pulled my dress down while she watched me, I twirled and touched her at times. In no time, she pulled me by the waist and made me sit on her thighs. I rubbed my ass against her skin, while she played with my 34Ds. She unhooked my bra and sucked on my nipples while I moaned in pleasure. I started to like it and was kind of glad that it was a woman, since I needed a change.

I licked the tip of her pink nipples, pulling her lingerie down. I bit her waist hard before I used my tongue on that wet pussy of hers. I kept licking and sucking the juices out of her pussy while she buried my head into it. I was enjoying it. She lifted me up and sucked on my tongue and fingered me hard. She made me moan harder with the movement of her flickering tongue and we locked each other’s legs, our pussies rubbing against each other and our tits banging. We kissed long enough until we came. I licked the warm cum from her pussy, leaving her legs shaking. That was my first experience with the woman in red and I shall cherish it.